by Evelyn P.

Transgirl Diaries is a comic focusing on mainly on
transwomen (with some transmen inclusion). The main characters are younger transwomen, most of them pre-surgery, but post hormones.

Comics range from being lightheartedly funny humor, not meant to be taken seriously, to the more morbid and grim, where only the most transphobic or those with a dark sense of humor will find a chuckle.

The main focus of the cartoon is to not only hone my skills and to give me a run at maintaining a basic webcomic, but to get out the idea that transpeople are all NOT 'men in dresses' or 'lesbians with privilege'. It's to show that we are pretty normal, and we are just as diverse as the rest of the cisgendered (those happy with their birth sex) population. Really, we are!

Of course, there will ALWAYS be people who hate others for how they are born, or argue that it is a 'choice', but this comic is for those of the trans nature, and anyone fascinated or open to transpeople and their existence. Haters should not be reading a comic about what they hate anyway. :)

My hope is that you will enjoy this comic, and possibly open up other people's mind that transsexual men and women are all just normal people (to the degree that there will be transsexual deviants of all sorts, just as there are cisgendered deviants).

I mean, really, if we could just accept diversity, then I guess acceptance of other people wouldn't be such a problem, would it?!


Excuse me? You're not familiar with the terms being used here? Sure, I can help you out! This is what you should know so that you don't go off and have to look everything up.

Transsexual - Seriously! It's easy! It's somebody who feels like they were born in the wrong body and need to change over to the opposite sex.

Transgender - This term is more broad. Transgender is for all gender variant people, including the cross-dressers and drag queens that you probably associate a transsexual with, or as I call it, 'maninadress'. There's a big difference! Transsexuals feel they are in the wrong body. Transgendered people, not so much.

MtF - Male to female transsexual. Someone changing over to a woman. Another term you could use is trans woman or trans girl.

FtM - Female to male transsexual. Someone changing over to a man. Another term you could use is trans man or trans guy. FFS - In the trans world, FFS stands for 'facial feminization surgery'. For most of us, we have the misfortune of having too many masculine features. This is plastic surgery to get rid of that as much as possible.

SRS - Sexual reassignment surgery, or GRS (Gender reassignment surgery). It's what people think of as a "sex change", but not all transpeople will get the surgery. Tranny - Usually thought of as a derogatory word for trans people. It could depend a lot on how it's used, though. Try to refrain from using it though.

Shemale - Considered more derogatory than 'tranny'. Usually used to refer to porn stars who have a penis. Even amongst the trans community, some think that anyone who is a 'shemale' is a man, and not a real woman! This is just blatant ignorance, however. Avoid shemale at all costs. Even I wouldn't use this word, unless I was out to be an asshole or to piss someone off.

Cisgender - Refers to people who are happy with their birth sex, much like hetero vs homo. Just look for 'cis' and you can basically think of it as 'non-trans'.



Oh? What's that? You'd love to know a little more about me? Well I'm flattered!

But really, there's isn't much to tell. I'm young, on a difficult journey, and I am pretty artistically inclined. Drawing is my favorite thing to do, and what I'm best at, but I can also write. I have a knack for music, although I'm not very good with the technicalities. I can compose a tiny bit though.

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