by Evelyn P.

This is where comics that don't fit into the normal lineup go. It might be that it has a guest appearance by a real person, or it is of a higher quality, or whatever I deem to be special.

Special comic: Brutal Murder of a Trans Woman See comic
Warning: Extreme gore and violence

This comic was done after first hearing about the horrible murder of Angie Zapata, a trans woman killed because of the male body she had originally been born with.
More disgusting than the scum who killed her, Allen Ray Andrade, are people who go so far as to justify Andrade's murder, saying Angie was asking for it, and refusing to respect her female name and identity.
The only reason I haven't lost faith in humankind yet, despite people with such a horrible mindset where they blame the victim (much like in rape), is because the scum was sentenced to life in prison. Solitary confinement would have been appropriate for this horrible bastard.
Anyway, this special comic is to help me express my tension and feelings towards the Zapata case. I plan to continue to churn out several, very serious strips in relation, though I don't know if and when I ever will.

Special comic: Suicide Comic, Fucked up Edition See comic
Warning: Blood

This is an addon to my third comic. It's the suicide comic, only with a punchline that is really messed up.

Special comic: Rainbow Shower See comic
Warning: Suggestive Themes

This one is a bit of an inside joke, dedicated to forum member, Lilac. Not trans related, but drawing a girl blasting Skittles out of her butt was quite an entertaining draw. :)

Special comic: Hangtrans See comic
Warning: Brutality

Inspired by the Perry Bible Fellowship, this takes the 'Capital Punishment' strip and turns it into something darker. I realize there is a bit of an issue with the physics, but let's just pretend that she's either in a coma, or dying a slow painful death.

Special comic: Internet Memes Suck 1/2/3/4/5/6/
Warning: Really lame

I hate internet memes. I never found them funny, and I never will. I've decided to illustrate just how stupid this internet meme crap makes everything, by doing it with some of my own cartoons.

Special comic: Political Cartoon See comic

This cartoon was created in response to the controversy surrounding the Rob, Arnie and Dawn show, which you can learn more about here. Special thanks to Lindsey for the inspiring idea!

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